wood roof texture

How about wood being a fire hazard? Specialists say it should be frequently sprayed using a fire deterrent as well. In certain states, homeowners aren’t allowed to build a home with wooden rooftops. Throughout hot, low humidity seasons, wood can become quickly dried out and be a possible tinder box. However, there is an additional side to theargument. Some individuals like the wooden roofing shingles because they’re so combustible. They’ll catch fire and burn quickly, allowing air inside and leaving less possibility of smoldering soot and also deadly carbon monoxide getting into the house.

That and the fact that nails can inch out if the wood contracts or swells makes having a wood roof a high maintenance item. Some manufacturers state you should inspect your shakes every month or so for signs of damage, especially during wet seasons.

Metal shingles. Metal shingles offer a high level of water resistance, and thanks to engineering advancements they now come in a variety of colors and styles designed to mimic other types of roofing materials, including cedar or slate. The actual life span of a metal roof can vary, but in general a properly installed metal roof can last for an estimated 50 years.

source ezinearticles.com