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Cut back on entertainment if you are struggling. I used to see almost any movie that interested me and roller skate many times a year. As much as I like to see movies and skate, I can only do these things rarely because if I went more often, I would have to spend several dollars for admission and bus fare and if I saw just one exciting movie, I would be tempted to see many more – I am already losing too much money.

ARINC have created a new cockpit application for the iPad, which attracted some 2,000 downloads during the three-month beta-testing period. The app gives pilots streamlined access to flight plans, weather information, charts, and NOTAMS through the ARINC Direct portal. It also updates and stores all flight-relevant information automatically eachtime a pilot logs on.

Features The HL-3070CW color digital printer does not give you a fax, copier or a scanner feature; it is just a single-purpose LED printer meant for printing in small offices. The LED engine results in a small printer that you can easily place on your desk in any size office and that too without anyone’s help.