solar panels on roofFirst of all for a cheap and easy DIY solar fix take a look at the following link:

Now with more awareness among the masses about renewable energy, the use of green energies like wind, solar and bio-gas energies is becoming common. Out of these renewable energy sources, solar energy is most popular and commonly used. Huge investments are made by governments all around the globe to use solar energy for producing electricity. If you want to cut your electricity bill and want to contribute in making this world green, you can also use solar energy for producing electricity for your home.


  1. Save Money. Even though, installation of solar panels looks expensive in the beginning but in the long run, the idea is going to put your money back into your pocket. With reduced dependency on your main power grid, you can not only reduce your electricity bill but can also reduce the load of the main power grid. In few States, if you are producing more electricity than your own use, you can even sell additional electricity to power companies.
  2. solar panelsInstallation of Solar Panels. Today, there are hundreds of companies that are selling solar panels and other renewable energy appliances. Make sure you are buying from the renowned company and ask professionals to install. Learn about maintenance tips and other important information from professionals and company manuals.
  3. Where to Install Solar Panels. It is obvious that you need to install solar panels at a place that is most exposed to sunlight. The preferred place is your roof that is exposed to sunlight for most part of the day.
  4. Small Appliances with Solar Panels. If installing solar panels look expensive to you, you can buy electrical appliances that come with solar panels and run on solar energy. Some of the examples are solar lights, solar fixtures etc.