ribbon_little girl

If you are looking for design ideas for decorating a room for your little girl, using ribbons can not only add a feminine touch to the room but they can also add a feeling of depth and texture. Ribbons can also be used to add color to your little girls room to make her room a fun place. Below are some excellent ribbon decorating ideas.

  • You can start with sewing colorful ribbons on the borders of any piece of cloth you want. A good option is to start experimenting with ribbon borders for towels. Pick up few towels and use ribbons as borders for them. It is a good way to practice your skills before moving to more expensive items like bed sheets and rugs.
  • You can also use ribbons on fabric backings like place mats. A good technique is to use pins to tack the ribbon and sew the end corners of the ribbons instead of sewing the whole length.ribbons (multicolored)
  • Another good decorating idea is to use ribbons around the base of a pillar candle and make a bow. You can also do the same with a vase.
  • Another good option is to use ribbons with shelving and other closets. You can hot-glue ribbons to attach them with the shelving like book case or a rack.
  • You can also attach a small ribbon cutting in a decorative style with different keys to make it look attractive. With little kids, it will be easier to find keys with ribbons attached to them.