kitchen open shelving

Open shelving is relatively a new idea, mostly used in kitchens as a replacement of closed cabinets. The reason for a rising trend of open shelves is because they provide a good storage solution in small kitchens; but they can also add decorative appeal. Another good reason to use open shelves is that they are cheaper than cabinets and can be easier to build. Using open shelving makes your kitchen look spacious and more welcoming. If you are a person with a do-it-yourself approach, you can follow these simple steps to design and build your own open shelves.


  1. Do Your Measurements. Like other home construction works, you have to start with taking measurement of the length and height of the kitchen wall where you want to install open shelves.
  2. What Do You Want? Once you are done with the measurements, you need to decide about the shelving. You have two options available, the first one is floating shelving and the other option is shelving with visible brackets.
  3. Place them on the Wall. Carefully select the place on the wall where you want to place your shelves. Make sure to place them at adequate height so that you can easily put or pick things from your shelves. Use a pencil to mark the places on your kitchen wall where the shelves will shevling
  4. Decide about the Material. Even though wood is a common material for shelves, they’re also available in other materials, including types of metal like iron.
  5. Drill and Place. Using power tools, you can create space in the wall where the shelves will be. Afterwards, you can use screws to fix brackets onto the wall to hold up the shelves. Once you are done with installing the brackets, all you need to do is to place the shelves on the brackets.

That’s it! Of course no shelf is complete without interesting or sentimental objects placed on them. Go shopping, or get creative with other objects around your home, to fill in those new shelves.