under bed storage

Creating Under-bed Storage on Your Own

In small rooms, under-the-bed storage can help you keep your bedroom uncluttered. The storage available in small and even large bedrooms is often not enough for all the bed sheets, clothes, books and other stuff bedroom items. Creating extra storage under your bed can really add extra space. You can create storage space on each side of your bed very easily. There is lot of space available under there and it’s better to take advantage of it efficiently. You just need to be creative and do some easy calculations.

under bed storage_wheelsDo Measurements. Take detailed measurements of the space available under your bed. Note the width, length and height of the space. To calculate the depth of the space from each side, divide the calculated width by two. This will give you an idea of the space available from each side of the bed. It is very important to design storage space that can be accessed from both sides for proper accessibility.

Storage Bins or Drawers. Once you’ve gotten the measurements, you can buy storage bins that fit your calculations. You can also buy rolling drawers to fit under your bed. Make sure to leave some space between the storage bins or drawers for easy movement. If you’re familiar with woodworking, you can also create your own sliding drawers.

More Divisions. If you want to arrange your books, clothes and shoes in different portions, you can create subdivisions by placing pieces of wood to divide the space.