toroYard Maintenance Made Easy with the Toro 51609 Ultra 3-in-1!

People often say that a well kept lawn is too hard to achieve, but according to expert Gary Alan, “To get the perfect lawn, you have to change your mind set.”Always remember the three main things which will lead to a healthy lawn are sun, water and fertilizer. To start, one must strip the ground from all kinds of weeds and then proceed to add fertilizer. Finish by compacting the soil before planting your bushes or flowers. Watering your lawn is very important and it is advised to water on a weekly basis. To avoid suffocation of your yard you should use a technique called aeration. In which holes are poked in the ground to improve oxygen circulation of the ground. Maintaining your lawn can be very time consuming and it helps to be able to use tools which make the job easier.

Make Life Easier!

There are a few tools that every gardener MUST have and they can include a lawn blower, a leaf shredder and a vacuum. Fortunately for you, the Toro 51609 is excellent combination of all three!

Special Features

This bad boy weighs only 7.5 lbs, which can really save your back after a day’s worth of work. The ultra blower, capable of blowing up to 235 mpg, can be turned into a vacuum with a switch of a latch. The magnesium serrated metal blades do such an excellent job at shredding, that you can even recycle the fine mulch around your garden which helps save money and helps reuse the nutrients and minerals. If any debris gets sucked up along the way, the incinerate function can handle it with no problem, and the clippings are all compacted. Amazingly, it can reduce about 16 bags into just one. Because it does not run on gas, it is so much quieter, and it has an extension cord to reach the farthest corners of your yard. Switching between the three functions of the device does not require much effort. Powerful and effective, this gadget makes yard work fun. The Toro 51609 is one tool that will aid you in your quest for the perfect lawn.