Patricia Urquiola's Revolving Room at Morosso

The field of interior designing has so many remarkable names but only some have achieved the honor of being in the list of world’s best interior designers. These interior designers can transform your conventional place into exceptional space of astounding artistry.

Below is a list of top five interior designers who are known for their extraordinary skills of creativity and imagination.

1.     Philippe Starck(

French interior designer, Philippe Strack, is ranked as the topmost professional in this business. His designs are approbated worldwide for their uniqueness, elegance, and stylistic stamps. He is particularly known for designing the interior of Elysee Palace, Paris and this work contemplates his style of blending functionality with delicacy.

Karim Rashid hotel floor design in Berlin

2.     Karim Rashid: (

Karim Rashid is an eminent industrial designer with peerless designing abilities and his diversified work is also found in fashion, art, music, lighting, furniture, and installation. This Egypt borne designer creates such shapes and objects where combination of style and modernism produces artwork of jaw dropping beauty.

3.     Patricia Urquiola (

Spain borne, Patricia Urquiola is not only a designer but also an architect and yet one of the most prominent names in the world of interior designing. She is renowned for creating interiors with the elements of comfort, color, and sophistication that manifest exquisiteness in her designs.

4.     Federico Delrosso ( )

Federico Delrosso, a great architect, is recognized as an incredible and successful interior designer. He is well-known for his unconventional combination of materials like iron, glass, wood, concrete, etc. that has resulted in widely appraised interiors of simplicity and elegance.

5.     Martin Brudnizki (  is one of the world’s most famous interior designers with remarkable talent. He is Sweden Borne but his work has been appropriated in two continents for his distinctive stylistic vision. His style mark is “minimalistic deluxe” which is a seamless blend of contentment and luxury, and is perfectly reflected in his project, Las Iguanas restaurant and bar.