If you have a limited space in one of your bathroom, it doesn’t mean that you cannot make it look attractive and unique. If you are creative enough, you can use many decorative ideas for your small bathroom to give it a unique look. There are few ideas for decoration that can even allow you to create more space in your small bathroom without affecting its functionality. Most of the design ideas revolve around the concept of making your bathroom look bigger. Read ahead to learn how following few simple tips can help you design a small bathroom that looks spacious and attractive.

Do Your Homework.
You need to decide about the uses of your bathroom. Do you want to use this bathroom as main family bathroom or a supplement bathroom? Is it for your guests only? What type of fixtures do you want to install in your bathroom? You need to build your design over your basic needs with the bathroom.

What to Keep in Your Bathroom? With a small bathroom, you need to be very selective with the furniture and other decorative items you want to show. Instead of adding decorative items, make use of your bathroom fixtures as decorative elements, like this really cool waterfall faucet on Amazon. Another example would be instead of a having a regular counter-top sink, you can use a floating etched glass counter-top to make it more attractive.

Use of Mirrors. Mirrors can make your small space looks spacious. Because it hides the wall and replaces it with the reflection of space, our eyes are tricked into seeing more space. You could even place a large mirror over an entire wall, or use non traditional mirror shapes like this one which can spice up a mundane bathroom.

Use of Glass. You need to make use of a glass for any division instead of a concrete wall or a wood. Instead of using curtains, use glass for separation of shower area. In small bathroom, the basic tip is to not to limit the view.