laundry sorting

Learning a few simple tips for sorting your laundry can save your expensive clothes from turning color after a wash. Even though, you may not have to sort your laundry every time, you will want to wash certain items separately, so you must learn how to sort your laundry properly. You not only can save your clothes from turning into another color, but can also keep the fabric freshness of your clothes even after number of washes by sorting your laundry properly.

The Color You Need to Look For. (Sort by Color)

You need to make sure to keep all the clothes in white color separately. You can also add other light color clothes in the same basket with the whites, but do not mix light colors with other bright colors. Washing white color separately can allow you to add bleach for enhancing the brightness of white clothes without worrying about bleach effects on dark colors. Before washing, you can create two separate piles, one with light and white colors and other with dark and bright colors.

Delicate Items You Need to Look For. (Sort by Material)

You cannot wash every item in the dryer, as some delicate items need to be washed with hands and care (most dryers for sale nowadays come equipped with the proper cycle for this). There are a few delicate items you will want to be very careful with so you need to create a separate pile for such items. Even if you want to wash them in the machine, wash them separately. Most of such items are made up of thin or stretchy material like leggings, swimsuits, and pantyhose etc. You have to use less detergent and delicate cycle when washing the delicate items with your washing machine.

Tip: Just like creating a separate pile for whites and delicate items, make sure to create a separate pile for extraordinary dirty clothes, as you need to use lot of detergent and different washing cycle for such items. Also, in general, wash in cold water unless you have a reason not to.