bathroom cleaning

Cleaning your bathroom is considered as time consuming activity but following few simple tips can help you in keeping your bathroom clean and tidy without putting too much effort. It is all about organization, decoration and how often you clean your bathroom. Read ahead to learn more

Do you have Everything you Need?

To save time, it’s convenient to have all of your cleaning supplies in one place before you begin. Using a cleaning caddy can be really useful. This way you can easily transport all of the items from room to room, as needed.

Organize before Cleaning

Make sure to remove all unnecessary items from your bathroom before cleaning like dirty laundry and toys/accessories. Make sure you move the things that belong to other rooms back to their original places. You can even place a big plastic bag, or use an empty clothes hamper, to put everything in it for a more efficient pick up.

Start with the Fixtures

To begin with, put rubber gloves on your hands. It protects you from germs and bacteria. When you start to clean, get all of its features like the faucets, knobs, drains, and then finally the bowl. Check under the drain covers to make sure there are no clogs forming; strands of hair can be a sneaky clogger. You can even buy drain hair stoppers like this one, by Slip-X. You can use any all-purpose cleaner with a non-abrasive sponge to clean. Make sure to properly rinse the sponges before drying them with a piece of cloth or towel. If left wet, mold and/or mildew can form.

Bathroom Mirrors

Microfiber clothes are best for cleaning mirrors. Use a glass cleaner with microfiber clothes to clean all of your bathroom mirrors. If you want to use natural cleaner, a company called Method sells an assortment of excellent all natural cleaners in different scents. The clementine one is my favorite because I really enjoy a clean, citrus smell. These are a great substitute for commercial glass cleaners, especially if you have little ones running around, as it is non-toxic.

Cleaning the Bathroom Floor

The last is cleaning the bathroom floor. You should save this until the end because any dirt or water from cleaning the rest of the bathroom will most likely end up on the floor. Sweep it first, to clear up all of the debri. And then after sweeping, you can mop the floor for a better shine. I’m a big fan of the company I mentioned above, called Method. So I recommend using their floor cleaner called Squirt + Mop. It smells really nice too.

Make sure to clean regularly to give your bathroom a new look every time you or your guests use your bathroom.