Tapestries are basically an elaborate poster and have been a very popular home decoration for a long time. Making one is considered an art and the tradition has been around for centuries. This form of textile is composed of two forms of interlaced threads called weft and warp. They are extremely difficult to weave due to their delicate nature and minor detailing that requires special attention.

Things to Bear in Mind

Placing a tapestry in the house can give any room not only a vibrant look but also a unique one. However, there are certain things you need to keep in mind while choosing a tapestry. It is best to pick designs that accentuate the furniture but, at the same time, stand out on their own as well. Loud designs which look bold and add character to the room should be preferred over simple ones. As far as maintenance is concerned, it is always a good idea to clean tapestries or air them out at least once every couple of months. This enables the product to look fresh and not lose its vibrancy.

The Opticz Galaxy Blacklight Reactive Tapestry is a tapestry that has a vibrant and bold design which is bound to add character to any room you place it in. This kind poster will look stunning when placed in a child’s room or study and will broaden their imagination. Made of 100% cotton, you can utilize it as a rug or as a poster on the wall. It is made of fluorescent inks which glow in the dark and give new life to the otherwise lifeless image. Playing with images is an art and one that is hard to execute, but the creators of this tapestry have pulled it off well. The bright and dark color combination is a classic style often seen in comic books, which makes it a perfect piece to be placed in a young one’s room. The tapestry will not tear or unravel as its edges have been sewn together and are guaranteed not to fray or rip. This added feature makes the product viable and long lasting.

Tapestries are a wonderful addition for any room and this tapestry in particular will not only lighten up a room, but also add a unique factor to it. Just follow the above mentioned instructions for its maintenance and it will last you many years.