intex pool

How to Make Your Backyard a More Interesting Place for Kids!

There has to be something more innovative in your backyard for kids than just using it to have a barbeque party, having drinks or cocktails or simply laze around in the sun.

You can add a pool set to your backyard to make it interesting for your children and yourself.  The Intex Easy Set Round Pool Set is a new product in the market which has been deemed not only reliable but also offers good entertainment value.  As the name suggests, this fantastic device is an inflatable, medium-sized pool that can be placed in the backyard. It is primarily for families and children who are making their first pool purchase, and best of all: it costs less than $100!

Here are some tips for its installation and maintenance:

  1. Make sure the base on which you place the pool is flat. The sides of the pool rise as water fills in; therefore the uneven surface may hamper continuity and cause water to overflow.
  2. Make certain that the bottom of the pool forms a full circle. In case it is an oval, there is a chance that the water will push out and start to overflow once the pool is filled.
  3. If you plan to use the pool year after year and season after season, it is advisable to place a cloth underneath. Because when you place it on grass, it will become impossible to clean.
  4. A net can be used to clean bigger things out. While the pump is very basic, use chemicals to keep the pool clean.
  5. It should be noted that vacuuming is easier when two people are doing it. While one is inside the pool, the other should be outside of it to clear the debris bag.
  6. Some people may also purchase a salt filtration system while buying the pool. This does raise the initial cost however, is a sound investment in the long run as it saves the cost incurred on chemicals.

Overall Experience!

This or any pool for that matter is a good investment especially during summers for your children in the backyard. It is easy to install and to maintain while being something that kids love. Having a pool in the backyard also allows your children to invite their friends over and have pool parties. Add a pool to your backyard and make it a more happening, lively and colorful place!