Even though, it may look like fun to design your own staircase but a slight miscalculation or wrong decision can ruin a look of your home interior. For a staircase design, make sure to create a design that complements with overall theme and design of your home. A good strategy is to do detailed analysis of your home design and theme before deciding about a particular staircase design. A good staircase design is not only functional, but it is also a decorative element that can make your home look attractive and unique.

There are four common designs that are the most popular:

 Straight Stairs. The easiest and most common type of staircase. It is traditional and safest of all other designs. Even though, straight means straight for most of the cases, but you can also do some alterations like combining two straight stairs in L shape or even three to create a T shape, according to your home interior.

Circular Stairs. This design circulates around a center of radius. This is a great design for your home interior as these staircases look attractive. staircase_elaborate_detail

Spiral Stairs. Spiral stairs are similar to circular stairs but it revolves around a pole acting as a central point of the circle. This design best suits the smaller spaces as this is the most compact style of staircases. It can not only provide efficiency, but it also looks great as a decorative element.

Elliptical Stairs. This design is combination of circular and straight stair designs. The basic structure is similar to circular stairs but the stairs form an ellipse shape in the center  It rotates around number of circular radius and looks very attractive especially in smaller homes.