spanish stucco homes

Peoria, IL – Finding your “mo-jo” or “getting your groove back” can happen when you least expect it. At any time, or any place or for whatever reason. Peoria is one place that inspired me to appreciate the charm and character of old family homes. For miles at a stretch, a person can admire American history as the massive homes line the once unpaved streets. It actually made us want to pull over, turn off our car’s engine and start knocking on doors so we could peak inside each structure. If only walls could talk, I’m sure they could tell us stories that would broaden our awareness and educate our minds.

Stucco is comparatively cheap compared to other building materials. Furthermore, it is even more durable than other more expensive materials. It also requires low maintenance unlike buildings applied with paint. After a couple of years, paint is removed from the wall so you need to regularly maintain and re-apply paint. But with stucco, you do not need to regularly maintain or fix it. As long as the stucco is applied correctly, then it will last for many, many years.

After that, in the early 20th, Spanish-style buildings became popular which made a lot of people in the US decide to own a stucco home. A stucco home is long lasting and can resist even bad weather conditions because it absorbs moisture fast and yet remains strong. Another factor that makes stucco homes popular is the low cost of stucco. Stucco is comparatively inexpensive compared to other construction materials and yet a stucco home can last for many, many years. It also requires low maintenance and unlike paint where it usually eradicates after a couple of years, stucco homes do not require painting and the style and strength remains for generations.

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