spa coverHot tubs and saunas are meant to replicate the natural healing capabilities of hot springs and geysers. They provide you with hydrotherapy which tends to be quite relaxing on a physically fit individual. They have abilities that let them heal and relax sore muscles and aching limbs. Hot tubs allow you to relax in warm water and through this process get revitalized in few session. Saunas on the other hand are designed to cool off the body by inducing sweat. Due to the rapid advancements in technology the years have seen the sales of these products being diverted from the commercial arena towards the domestic one.

Tips to Maintain Your Sauna and Hot Tub

New models of saunas and hot tubs have been built that are mobile, portable and economical. This is why there has been an increasing trend in purchase of the portable hot tubs by home owners in the recent years. They allow you the comfort of the spa at home. In the long run these tend to cost reasonably less when compared to all those spa visits.
However, proper maintenance is necessary if you need to ensure a long, reliable and accident free run. In case of hot tubs always check the water ph levels and check the chemical composition through test strips weekly. Remember to turn the thermometer on half an hour prior to use and change the water 3 or 4 times after every couple of months on regular intervals.

A sauna must be cleaned properly with a cleaning brush as this is the best possible way of keeping it clean and hygienic. In case of accumulation of sweat stains, use a solution of warm water and mild detergent alongside the brush. After cleaning, rinse it properly with a clean sponge and do not leave excess water.

 Choose Your Cover Wisely

The most important step in maintenance however, is to buy a cover that is a perfect and preferably tight fit over the tub. Hot tub covers make certain that your hot tub is safe from all sorts of dust, pollution and most importantly strong sunlight.

Out of the spa care units available in the market today the CoverMates Spa Cover is one of the best covers out there. Its steel structure makes it durable and the powder coat gives it a long lasting paint job. The cover fits perfectly behind the spa and the installation is easy as pie. Designed to protect your spa against wear and tear, this cover is a great purchase.