south shore loft bed

An Excellent Creative Bedroom Idea for Kids!

The most important part of designing the room is deciding what kind of furniture to place. Furniture which is fun to move around, looks bright and colorful, yet caters to its purposes is usually a better option. The South Shore Loft Bed, Imagine collection, offers a creative approach towards bedrooms meant for children. It costs $544.95 with free shipping and usually takes 3 to 5 days to reach the customer. It even has a warranty for up to 5 years.south shore loft bed_white

Each piece of furniture has a serial number on it, along with an instruction guide, which allows for easy assembly. It brilliantly economizes the available space, as it is well-equipped with drawers, dresser, shelves and racks that can be accessed from the front. It makes it more convenient and neater looking. The height of the bed is elevated to an adult’s chest which makes it even easier to tuck your little one into bed. If your child has a tendency to roll around in his sleep, then this loft bed can give you peace of mind, as the bed sides are elevated and keeps your child secure. It also has a conveniently placed shelf attached to the bed for those bedtime toys that your child adores.

Setting up the bed may sound like a task, but instructions are clear and easily manageable. Once that is done, you are through with the challenge. The bed is also a good investment in terms of entertainment for your child as it will keep them busy exploring different dimensions of this bed. You can also decorate your child’s room with murals, wall hangings of their favourite cartoon characters as it will keep their interest alive in their room.