screwdriver clipart

Before you order a design you must first think about what kind of business you want to be and how you want to be perceived by the market. Do you want to highlight the fact that you offer specific services such as being a painting contractor for example? Or do you want to come across as being a general contractor who is capable of anything. The images or symbols that are used on your logo design should help prospects to identify what kind of services you offer.

If you are mechanically inclined, it’s not a bad idea to give your Featherweight 221 a very thorough internal cleaning as well. This means having to remove pretty much every mechanical component that can be unscrewed including the face plate, presser foot, bobbin cover and flywheel, but not the motor. It’s always a good idea to keep the components together (and labeled if necessary) so you know how to put it all back together again. All components should be thoroughly sprayed/soaked with WD-40 and wiped clean. The WD-40 will actually clean, lubricate, and help to protect the metal components.

Special Father’s Day T-Shirt – On the computer, create a picture all your own. Include “Happy Father’s Day Dad” and pictures of his favorite hobbies, like golf, baseball, grilling, fishing, boating, etc. (All these can be found on free clip art sites online.) Print out your creation on special iron-on paper found at your local discount store (in the craft area). Now, iron-on your creation to a special shirt just for dad!

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