s wall mount shelf

It can be frustrating to run short of space to store things, but shelves can play a key role in helping to organize things around the house. Shelves are not available only to be placed on the floor, they are also available to be fixed against the wall. Shelves screwed against walls give the room a neater look as it removes weight directly from the ground.

The primary purpose of shelves is to store valuables and in certain cases, the additional mess around the house. For such reasons, closed shelves are preferable as they do not expose what is inside directly. However, shelves have applications other than storage. They may also be used for decorative purposes. The “S” Wall Mount is a sleek, thin shelf designed especially to make the room look lavish. The shelf is not only an affordable purchase but also a very useful one.

Here are some unique features of this shelf:

  1. The shelves can be configured symmetrically or reversed.
  2. The shelf measures 22 x 4.75 x 4 overall.
  3. The contemporary espresso finish gives it a beautiful aesthetic value.
  4. The shelves are easy to install and have no visible connectors or hanging hardware, which makes assembly very easy.

To place these shelves, all you need is a measuring tape and a set of plastic anchors. With these, mounting these shelves will take approximately 15 minutes.

Besides storage purposes, shelves can also accommodate fragile decorative items and “S” Wall Mount (Set of 2) can be put to this use quite effectively. For ease of use, these shelves are designed to be flexible. They are narrow and especially designed to keep ornaments and glass-made decorative items on them. The wood color can be considered fancy and delicate, and they are perfect for living rooms and bedrooms. “S” Wall Mount is different from the usual wall mounting shelves. Hanging them is simple, and they create a little accent across the wall.