365.174: Rug

Everyone dreams of a spacious house to live in. However, not everyone is lucky enough to have this dream become a reality and some have to settle with apartment units that can often feel cramped and uncomfortable. Luckily, there are design tricks that can make small rooms appear much more spacious than they are. One trick is to fool the eyes with the help of cleverly picked out rugs. Here are some tips on how to pick the perfect rug for your space:

– Use one large rug that fills out your room instead of using multiple smaller rugs

If a room is unfilled, or has large pieces of furniture such as the living room or the dining area, place a large rug that ends at 8 inches from the walls. By doing so, you can create an illusion of space; the rug is “large”, but still small enough to find in the room. It also gives a feeling of coziness and ambience without making it too crowded.

– Purchase a rug that has a light color or tone

Like lighter wall paint colors, a light colored rug will also open up the space and make the room appear to be brighter and more spacious. The best colors to use are neutrals, off-whites or creams, and pastels.

– Choose uncomplicated designs and textures

Patterns on the rug have the tendency to make a small room appear cluttered and smaller, which is why the best rug for a small room is one that has a big design or one that has no design at all. When it comes to texture, a non-textured lightweight rug is better rather than a heavy textured shaggy or tufted one.