The Home Theater Hassle –prepac home theatre wall mount Conquered At Last!

Today is the age of micro sized gadgets and gone are the days when bigger was considered better. One such area is the cinema industry. Back in the day, people flocked to movies like there was no tomorrow, but with the rapid advancements in technology, this mindset has completely changed. Nowadays people opt for a home screening of their favorite films, rather than going to the cinema, which offers them a larger and better viewing experience.

The change in attitude of the public gave rise to a particular type of viewing experience call the Home Theatre Industry. These systems have large LED or LCD Screens which take up the least amount of space and provide rich graphics and a big picture. No cinema is complete without its audio devices, so audio companies have started manufacturing audio systems with multiple speaker outputs. These provide a better quality of sound, and some are set for certain areas of the room and for specific audio outputs. All of these combined make the sound quality at par with that of a movie theatre.

The main problem, faced by many prospective home theater owners, is how to tackle the strenuous task of product installation. The screen may come with its own wall mount brackets but then it may require a certain sized area to be installed. This may also be the case with the video players and game consoles, as they require an area where the devices can all be inter connected with each other while still maintaining an environment suitable for the products to function.

The Espresso Altus Wall Mounted Audio/Video Console is the answer to all your Home Theater woes.

Special Features:

This product is a complete shelf for all your home theatre equipment. From the television screen to the Blue Ray discs, it has space for them all. In media storage alone, it has capacity space of about 80 DVDs. It mounts easily with its own hanging rail system. Revealing wires are also a thing of the past as the neat clips in the apparatus conceal all wires. Setup your audio system in the space the platform it provides and make your life easier. The entire Theatre system will roar to life once assembled in this particular piece and you will be the envy of your guests. So if you want to create space in your home to efficiently house your media equipment, then this product is especially for you.