whenever your pool water balance is out of whack, there is a possibility suspension of calcium carbonate particles will result. To avoid or correct this problem, you must balance your pool water. You have to first test your water (buy the kit here) and then balance your pool with chemicals. This will send the calcium carbonate back into solution. Once this accomplished, your pool cloudy issues will also clear up. Of course you could always avoid harsh chemicals by using a salt water pool. You just need a proper pump (like this one)

pool water wallpaper

Make sure your filtration system is working efficiently. Man pool owners make the mistake of aiming their jets towards the surface of the pool because that’s what looks the most efficient-you can see it working. This is what sometimes turns the deeper water into a dead area. Make sure your returns are aimed evenly around the pool and aren’t favoring any one area. If you have a dead area in the middle, you know what area your jets are neglecting. Also, if some of your filtration equipment isn’t working correctly, your system might not have the ability to circulate effectively. If you’re experiencing dead spots, then you should take a look at your system and try to find any weak links and then check out a swimming pool supplies store for replacements.

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