9 07, 2014

Ottoman for Style AND Storage

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zebra ottoman

Ottomans – The Center of Your Living Room!

An ottoman is the name given to a piece of furniture which consists of a padded upholstered seat and does not have any arms or back for support. They are mostly used as foot rests or stools and […]

7 07, 2014

Beat the Heat with a Shinco Portable Air Conditioner

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As the summer arrives, the temperature will get higher along with your electricity bill. But fortunately, investing in an efficient air conditioner can really help cut that bill down. And the purchase will last a very long time, so your investment goes that much further. […]

3 07, 2014

The Gardena ZoomMaxx Awesomellating Sprinkler System

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Gardena ZoomMaxx oscillating sprinkler_closeup

 A garden is the area of the home that gives the owner the satisfaction for his creative abilities. It is one of the only places in which all the aspects, from the soil to the grass, are in control of the homeowner. […]

2 07, 2014

Convert Your Living Room Into A Relaxation Room

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living room design

Your living room is one of the best places where you can find refuge and relaxation. It’s important to create and design a place that can be calming and helps clear your mind for a while. By following these simple steps, you can easily […]

1 07, 2014

Tips for Keeping Your Bathroom Clean

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bathroom cleaning

Cleaning your bathroom is considered as time consuming activity but following few simple tips can help you in keeping your bathroom clean and tidy without putting too much effort. It is all about organization, decoration and how often you clean your bathroom. Read ahead […]

1 07, 2014

Summertime Fun in a Pool

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intex pool

How to Make Your Backyard a More Interesting Place for Kids!

There has to be something more innovative in your backyard for kids than just using it to have a barbeque party, having drinks or cocktails or simply laze around in the sun.

You can add […]