zebra ottoman

Ottomans – The Center of Your Living Room!

An ottoman is the name given to a piece of furniture which consists of a padded upholstered seat and does not have any arms or back for support. They are mostly used as foot rests or stools and are usually found in living rooms and entertainment rooms. The first ones arrived in Europe through the Ottoman Empire, as the name suggests, and since then have become an important item in living rooms around the world.

They can be used as accents or usable accessories, and their presence creates a welcoming atmosphere in the room through their structure, as it is the perfect blend between formal and informal. Living Rooms are an integral part of our home and one reason that these make a perfect addition is because of their comfort and dual use ability.

There are sets you can purchase, which include more than one piece of furniture. This one, in particular, is one of my favorites because I enjoy a bit of an exotic style. It’s a 3-piece storage bench and ottoman set, in a stylish zebra print. It comes with one bench and two small ottomans, which fit perfectly inside the bench for easy maneuverability.

Special Features!

The color scheme of this set is one that can blend in with various backdrops and it complements green and its shades very well. The black and white pattern used here is simple, yet elegant. Standing on 4 wooden legs, these are tall enough to make cleaning beneath the ottomans easy. And their height also makes it easier to put those tired feet up, as it doesn’t restrict blood circulation. They’re also really comfy because the material is made of an ultra soft chenille.

The set has purpose built compartments for storage which is why they are best suited for living rooms and entertainment rooms as there are various objects that one seldom requires but needs them to be in reach at all times. They are ideal in terms of comfort, and due to their storage capability, they are hardly what one would call a waste of space. Two small ottomans and one bench are the perfect size for a small room and can be used to rest things on, like drink trays or serving dishes.

If your favorite game is on and you invite a group of friends over, the bench can act as an extra chair or a spare table. They can be used to serve food and as a place to rest the cutlery. All in all, the complete set will add to the beauty of your room, while at the same time being a container for items one needs but doesn’t want seen.