A pets theme has always been quite popular among parents. It features favorite household pets like dogs or cats and is quite endearing to a lot of parents. The colors are usually calmer and more traditional and bring the sense of homeliness. Babies usually feel more comfortable with familiar faces and shapes. Generally, a dog themed design is found in boys’ nursery, and cats are preferred for baby girls’ nurseries. But there are so many different themes to choose from. Nowadays, there are hundreds of wall decals you can apply, saving you from physically painting your walls or nailing artwork up. Adding an alphabet wall decal is the perfect way to start showing your baby the basics of english. Or you may choose a more gender neutral theme like zoo animals.

neutral baby nursery themes

You can either pick a theme, a color, or mix and match. Keeping to a specific color or theme creates a visually appealing room. Of course, you can always use a variety of colors, depending what looks good together. Use primary colors to make the rainbow of colors or have alternating colors on the walls can also work. Have fun with your nursery, and don’t stress. Not everything has to be perfect. You only have to like it, and chances are if you like it, your baby will too.

Finally, you could add soft plush area rugs in the nursery, such as natural flokati rugs. They come in a variety of colors and they are extremely easy on tired parents feet. Even when you have carpet on the floors in the nursery, it is important to make certain areas softer; in front of the crib, under the rocking chair, and more. It’s great for those middle of the night feedings when the house gets cool.

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