First you grind the beans (and there is a whole can of worms – the world of grinding seems just as big as the world of coffee machines, but that is a different story). You grind them to a particular level – then you tamp them (press them down a bit) – again a whole range of different methods and results here. Then you have to heat the water up to a certain temperature and then get the water through the grinds – this takes pressure.

All it takes is under a minute preparation. Place in a capsule, put on your cup, slide the lever and voila! A rich flavored drink is ready to suit your palate! The temperature control options lets you decide a hot or cold beverage preference to suit your palate.

In case of a huge office crowd where the need is to keep hot coffee available all the time, an Industrial coffee machine would be great buy. Many businesses are hesitant to buy industrial coffee machines because they are much more costly. While the initial cost is more, they are much more durable. They also come with a variety of features including the ability to make latte, espresso and cappuccinos. They are easy to use and easier to maintain.

nescafe coffee machine

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