Graffiti can look very attractive, but now you can take that idea and use moss instead of harmful chemicals to make your home more “green” or “eco friendly”. There’s nothing more creative and attractive than using moss graffiti. It’s a completely natural growing plant that requires little energy to sustain.

How It Works?

You need to create a mixture! A paint brush can be used to apply the moss on the wall. With proper moisture, the moss will start to grow on any surface and create living graffiti!

What Do You Need?


For creating moss graffiti, you need sugar, a can of beer, garden moss, and a blender. You also need a paintbrush for applying the moss.

  1. Collect Moss. You can either buy or collect moss from around town. If you are collecting it from the garden, properly wash it to make sure it’s clean before blending with other ingredients. Amazon sells a slue of different kinds of moss, like Reindeer moss, and sheet moss.
  2. Use a Blender. Put the Moss in blender, along with sugar and beer, and blend it until a creamy paste appears. Another alternate is to make a mixture with moss, yogurt (or buttermilk), water and sugar. If the required consistency does not appear, you can add corn syrup for better results.
  3. Use a Paint Brush. Pour it into a glass or plastic container and use the paint brush to apply the mixture on any porous surface.

To achieve a clean cut shape (like the picture above), create a template (whether it be text or an image) and paint your moss concoction over it. Keep your eye on it and don’t forget to keep it moist while the moss is maturing. Have fun!