mosquito drawing

Fact: only female mosquitoes bite. Another fact: mosquitoes look for animals to bite that have circulatory systems, or, in other words, emit carbon dioxide. Using this premise, you can find propane cylinders that generate CO2 gas, drawing the insects in where they are effectively zapped. One example is a machine called the Mosquito Magnet (like this one). It can however, backfire if it happened to attract more mosquitoes than it can trap.

However, there is a fear that treating the problem in this way may make some sorts of mosquito immune to the insecticide or may even raise the likelihood of being bitten outdoors. There have been similar concerns in Cambodia. Until recently, it took three days of hospitalization to cure a patient of malaria, but in one area of Cambodia it now takes five days.

Doctors treating patients in that area say that this is a very worrying development. It is considered that if this local development spreads, then it could result in the deaths of millions of Africans again.