One great piece of furniture to work with are contemporary style chairs. Some of these chairs include the saarinen chair, the tulip chair and the egg chair, which looks like it sounds. It is an oval shaped chair that seems like the top half has been cut out leaving the bottom open for exquisite designs. The Saarinen chair typically has joint of it cut out, where the bottom meets the backrest, providing a sensational design and added comfort to the user. The tulip chair is another that looks like it sounds. The chair sits up high with the support of a long stem-like attachment to give off the look of a blooming tulip. Thses chairs are also typically adjustable.

Through the years, the chair has retained its classic appeal. And these days, there are undeniably large amount of home design and furniture businesses that offer these stylish and comfortable chairs. It is considered as a classic in home design yet it has captured the hearts of the modern followers. Many people have really begun purchasing this kind of item as has re-defined home and office styling and comfort.

The original Egg chair is as popular today as it always has been. Still manufactured by Fritz Hansen of Denmark the design has remained completely true to the original. In fact, so true is today’s egg chair to its original design that to the untrained eye it is indistinguishable from a 1950’s version.

modern egg chair

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