men bathroom sign

Men bathroom sign – ADA access signs are signage that includes the International Symbol of Accessibility, or ISA. For many years, the symbol for wheelchair accessibility has been a familiar sight in cities all across the nation. It is typically used to mark areas where environmental barriers have been altered or removed to allow equal access to wheelchair users. When anyone sees these symbols on restroom ADA signs, they understand that the area is accessible. But what does that mean exactly? Let’s explore what accessibility means to wheelchair users and the general public.

The Men’s ISA Restroom Sign – This restroom sign features the standard symbol for male plus the recognized symbol for International Symbol of Accessibility, or ISA. This is the wheelchair accessible symbol that has become a familiar sight in businesses everywhere.

One or more of these ADA tactile signs should be just what you need to mark your restroom areas. The feeling of comfort and familiarity they provide will be a welcome sight to your customers no matter who they are. And comfortable customers and clients will feel good about doing business with your company, and may even be inspired to return again. And all it takes is a few well-placed ADA Restroom Signs.

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