lawn_well maintained

Nothing can add more value and a pleasant look to your home like a green, well maintained lawn. Many people believe that maintaining a lawn requires lot of time, effort and money, but it’s really very simply! Just follow these tips and try to stick to a weekly schedule to keep your lawn in good shape the entire year.

It Starts With The Seed. A lot of people just deal with the grass that comes with their property; this does not have to be the case. There are plenty of types and brands to choose from to get your desired look (heres the bag I use, from Amazon). The 3lb bag should be enough seed for most lawns, and this particular Jonathan Green brand I use is especially easy to maintain while also growing pretty fast.

Take Care of the Grass. Keeping grass of your lawn green for whole year is often challenging for many people. Make sure to create a constant source for providing an adequate amount of water to your lawn grass. Make sure to let the water get deeper in the ground for keeping roots of the grass healthy.

Mow Properly. Use an appropriate blade setting to mow the grass on regular basis. Make sure to cut the lawn at higher level, as the grass will require less watering. Thicker grass blocks the water evaporation resulting in better growth of grass. In winter, you can cut the grass low as there is no intense sun to burn the grass.

Regular Inspection. You need to check your lawn constantly to look for weed, insects and disease. You can use fungicides to prevent disease and to kill insects

Sun and Air. Make sure to remove any unnecessary shades like tree branches to allow maximum sun and air to your lawn. Healthy grass requires both proper sunlight and air, so make sure that both are easily available to every part of your lawn.

Provide Fertilizers. Make sure to fertilize your lawn every year. If the soil of your lawn is not good, make sure to provide adequate amount of potassium, phosphorus and nitrogen to the soil using fertilizers.