Tips to Select Lighting for Their Bedroom

When setting up your child’s bedroom, it is important to install the correct style of lighting. The lighting should compliment the theme of the room and/or the personality of your son or daughter. Some teens have a vivid imagination, so it’s important to use lights that are soothing but vibrant at the same time to keep their creativity alive. There are many ideas you can play with. The overhead light is one that is almost absolutely necessary in any room, and it’s always a good idea to install a separate light that can be accessed while sitting in bed. Adding a light by their bed also helps them read much easier.

Lava Lamps are a Perfect Addition

Lights that add color to the room are captivating for adults and children alike. For your teen’s room, your prime focus should be to add elements that are functional and attractive at the same time. Lava lamps are a creative solution to fight the darkness, and they provide a source of entertainment as well. They can be placed on side tables near beds, up on shelves or on top of any surface really. The Lava Lite collection sells a large array of lamps to choose from, and they’re a great way to add colored lighting to their bedroom. They offer many different combination of colors, even paintball print!

It offers something for everyone and is not just for kids. The lamp can be utilized in the home, office or dorm room. The lamp employs slow moving wax with a soft relaxing light. The cover of the lamp is a beautiful glass globe and it gives a retro feeling and is complimented by the lamps metallic base. The speciality of the lamp lies in the 25 watt (S11 shape) light bulb that accompanies the lamp. This lamp gives the room a futuristic aura which will entice the imagination of children everywhere.