portable spa

One can certainly get tired and weary because of the tough hustle and bustle of the day. One of the most appealing ways to wind down is the experience of a hot tub bath.

As much as it is relaxing, it can be a daunting task to haul your tired body to a spa at the end of the day. But luckily for you, everything has started to become more easily accessible, including this hot tub by Intex. Their Inflatable PureSpa Hot Tub is a convenient product to now enjoy a spa treatment in the very confines of your house. This product is a fabulous mix of features catering to both comfort and luxury.

Special Features of Intex PureSpa Bubble Therapy Portable Spa:

It has a built-in hard water treatment system, which makes the a gentler feel and makes it more soothing to the skin. The tub is designed to minimize heat loss by including an insulated cover and a lock, which provides that extra safety any owner would want.  It is easy to maintain and comes with two simple easy-to-replace cartridges which clean the water and helps stir in refreshing spa water. Other features include a heating system, 3-way test strip, a floating chlorine dispenser, inflation hose, thermal ground cloth and its carry bag. The seating capacity offered by Intex’s PureSpa Bubble Therapy Portable Spa can accommodate up to 4 people.

Tips for Installing Hot Tubs:

With this hot tub, all you have to do is follow the instruction manuals to set up the heating and water system – and your hot tub is good to go! It is best to make sure that you change the water every few days and remember to install new filter cartridges in your hot tub as instructed. This will avoid any unnecessary growth of bacteria or germs in your tub and keep your new hot tub nice and clean.


A hot tub is a great luxury to have at home. The relaxation they offer cannot be beat. They can also cater to your entertainment needs if you ask a handful of friends to come over and hang out. Hot tub parties are a becoming popular trend and once you install one in your home, why not set up a mini bar, some good music and relax in your hot tub with friends to get the ultimate relaxing party going!