The garbage disposal was invented as a solution to the plumbing clogging problem faced by many people in the late 1920’s. The initial purpose was to dice up and reduce volume of the waste in order to ease its remaining journey down the drain.  As many home owners will tell you, the garbage disposal is an extremely handy appliance to have around the house. However, there are certain things that one must keep in mind in order to maintain their garbage disposal unit and ensure maximum efficiency.

Precautions to Bear in Mind:

It is very important to keep the disposal clean and free of chunks. For best results, pour some liquid soap after washing dishes and let the unit run with cold water. Grind food waste with a strong flow of water as this will remove the grease from the unit and will allow it to accumulate and be chopped at the end of the cycle. Grind peels of citrus fruits to keep the disposal smelling fresh. Last but not the least, cut up the larger items before they enter the disposal in order to prevent clogging and damage to the parts.

Despite of what you may have heard about these little beauties, garbage disposal units do have their limitations and there are some things that should never be put in to them. Rice and pasta should be steered clear of the unit as they tend to swell when in contact with water. This is why they should NOT be put in the system. Meat bones of any kind should not be put in your garbage disposal unit alsoinsinkerator_top.

What is new in the Market?

The latest, most popular unit in food ripping technology is the InSinkerator Compact Evolution ¾ HP garbage disposer. Why this particular Garbage Disposer? Its best feature is its sound insulating body, which heavily reduces the noise level as compared to the average disposal unit. Its 2-stage grinding process ensures that all the waste is properly grounded and disposed of. Its ¾ horse power motor is sufficient enough to power on through. If you want the very best in food dicing technology then the HP House disposer is the one for you.

An excellent garbage disposal, like this one, is a must have for any home. They save time and reduce the work load. Always keep in mind, though, the most important thing to note about garbage disposal units is that children must be kept out of their reach at all times.