Ceiling fans around the house are a comfortable source of making the room properly ventilated and airy. Ceiling fans have certain promising qualities as compared to any other type of fan. Firstly, they are more carefully designed and more secure. If you have infants or kids in your house, they are the safer as they are harder for kids to get their hands into.

Summer is starting and I wanted something to keep my electric bill as low as possible, so I decided to get a new ceiling fan. And this thing is pushing a lot of air around the room and keeping me a lot cooler than I thought it would; so let me talk about it.

First of all, the fan I purchased is this Hunter 53237 Builder Plus 52-Inch Ceiling Fan. I chose the Harvest Mahogany but the Brazilian Cherry is beautiful too, and it is a very good investment if you are looking for a quality ceiling fan.

Here are some features of the product:

  1. It is specially designed to ventilate large rooms, as big as 485 sq feet, finely equipped with Installer’s Choice 3 position mounting system. This enables angled, standard or flushed mounting.
  2. This fan can be installed regardless of whether there is a 180 watt three light fixture.
  3. Designed on the exclusive hunter motor technology, it allows the fan to last long and stay wobble-free.
  4. Airflow is reversible and customized to cater to comfort all year round. There are three fan speeds varying from high to medium to low.
  5. Limited lifetime motor warranty is provided.

A special feature of the product is, to avoid dust buildup, blades are carefully coated with using Hunter’s patented Dust Armor nanotechnology.

An Alternate to Ventilation:

While ceiling fans are most appropriate in a bedroom, living room, dining room and even a kitchen, Hunter 53237 Builder Plus 52-Inch Ceiling Fan is especially designed differently so that it can cater to all the rooms. Hunter’s Builder Plus has amazed the users with the quality and attention given to this specific appliance to enable unparalleled performance, easy installation and a reasonable price. Reversible blade design offers 2 different features: Harvest Mahogany and Brazilian cherry. Both of these designs are made to complement the brushed nickel body of the fan. Nickel also provides an easily suitable interior match for any room you possibly install the fan in. To be able to rest peacefully, it is necessary that the fan makes no sound, which is why this very is the perfect choice as it is completely noise free.

Ceiling fans are a good idea if you’re looking for alternatives to ventilate your house and make it more airy and not to forget are a long term investment!