Sunlight is the best light source available to date. Scientific studies provide evidence that exposure to natural light besides enhancing the look and feel of our living space; have a positive impact on our physical and psychological health. By maximizing sunlight, you can also cut down your electricity bills. Below are the few effective ways to facilitate maximum exposure of natural light in your residence.

natural light

Mirror: They are particularly useful for small or dark spaces. You can install large mirrors opposite to a window to reflect the sunshine into different parts of the room.

White or Light Colors: Painting your walls with such colors provide a great help in reflecting sunlight. Over and above this, furniture with light color tones also adds to the effect.

Windows: Avoid keeping the curtains and shades closed during daytime. The furniture in front of a window or even next to a window can also hinder the passage of sunlight on its way into the room. Try to use large size windows that can allow maximum sunlight into the room.

Glass Doors: They are far better replacement of ordinary windows especially if there is a great view like yard, or patio. You can also consider installing glass doors into a wall to flood the room with maximal sunlight.

Sheer/Light Curtains: It is better to use light fabric draperies that do not block the natural light entering your homes even when closed but also serve their purpose of maintaining privacy.

Blinds: Their installation is quite effective and economical to provide maximum exposure to natural light. Furthermore, they let you control the amount of light you want in your home.

Skylights: While installing skylights, best choices are the rooms that are commonly used during a day like living room and locations that receive natural light the most. Since regular skylights are quite costly, installation of tubular skylights will be fairly less expensive.