romantic balcony bed

The design ideas for converting a bedroom into a place to do romance with your partner revolve around making it more comfortable and to create a feeling of love and affection. The design, that involves color, decoration, and choice of furniture must inspire romance and should boost the feelings of love. The decorating ideas and romantic design must create a relaxing effect as soon someone steps inside.

romantic bed

  1. Colors. The choice of colors and theme of your room is most important. Muted colors can create a relaxing effect so avoid bright colors. A good color combination of your furniture, bed, and walls color is sage green with beige. Be creative, and make sure the colors you are using have soothing effect for you and your partner.
  2. Design a Comfortable Bed. Bed is a place where you will be resting for most of the time, so make it as comfortable as you can. Use comforters, fluffy bed pillows along with throw pillows. A king size bed is a good option for more space and comfortable sleep.
  3. Make it Dark. Make sure to cover every light source like windows and doors with dark color draperies to block the light whenever you want. Make sure the color combination complement each other.
  4. Lighting. You can create any effect in your room by innovative lighting. Use lower wattage bulbs and lamps to give your room a romantic feeling. You can also use lamps with colors that complement your bed and walls color.
  5. Simple and Less Cluttered. Even if you are filling your room with accessories like candles and other romantic stuff, make sure to keep it simple and less cluttered. Give your room a luxurious and cozy look instead of cluttered appearance. Add flowers vessels, water fixtures and candles but make sure the additional items complement the overall theme of your room.