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The story can be put up in the manner in which it actually happened or may be played in a flashback. Spice up things by playing the ‘end bit’ right in the beginning and then, go back in time to let the audience know what set of events led to the bigger one. This may not really be the climax and the story can actually take up a different direction from there. This’ll keep the people on their toes. Also, the filmmaker can keep looking into past and relating it to the present in the story to keep the strings connected.

In addition to your work taking up space at your work station, office accessories also need a place to stay. The most effective way to cut down on the amount of workspace real estate being given to accessories is to look for ways to streamline what you use. If you scan, fax, print, and copy, look for a printer that has those additional features, or even utilize a local copy shop if space is at enough of a premium in your office. Staplers, pens, legal pads, paper clips, and other office supplies take up space as well and will need a proper home in your work space so they do not take over your whole desk.

Bedroom – The previous ideas will also work for the bedroom. However, you may be able to take the design idea a step further; after all, the bedroom is usually the most private room of the home. This is where you can introduce a bold butterfly design with a duvet cover. With the bed being the most prominent feature of the room, you instantly have a new focal point to work the rest of your scheme around. Butterfly mirrors could be another nice touch. They are often available in packs of three and again can be relatively affordable. If you have sliding wardrobe doors with a mirror effect, you could even use a butterfly template and some frosted glass spray paint to create the design of your choice on the mirrors!

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