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Grandfather clocks were born the day that Dutchman Christian Huygens used a pendulum as a driving device in his clock. This particular breed of clocks is quite different from the rest, as they are housed in large cases made from oak and feature designs which with a luxurious architectural appearance. Where ever they are placed, a certain aesthetic value is increased and makes your home that much more unique. The wooden designs and the overall layout of the clock speak of grandeur which is why they are still sought after. Any homemaker who wishes to add character to their home and make it look classy, yet traditional, must consider buying a grandfather clock for their dining room, library, study or living room.

The Quinten II Floor Clock, by Howard Miller, supports a futuristic design with 2 metal pendulums and casing. The reflective silver in the chrome frame is the result of many hours of polish work. The interior of this clock is brought to life by the three touch buttons on the hinges. The lights reflect beautifully off of the glossy surface.

Special Features:

It emits soothing chimes on a quarterly basis and then also when the clock strikes the hour. These sounds bring about an instant mood change and can cool all tempers in the vicinity. If you do not wish for your sleep to be disturbed then there is an option to shut off its sound. The entire structure stands on a rectangular polished base, giving it a bit more uniqueness.

Grandfather clocks give the feeling of elegance and grace to a room. They add a certain level of sophistication to any area they are placed in, and clocks like the Howard Miller 611-218 Quinten II floor clock are the perfect example of class and elegance combined together. While it has all the classical features of a grandfather clock, it also features a touch of modern character because of its contemporary design.

Modern vs. Traditional Styleneilson clock

While the Quinten II is an excellent floor clock, some of you may prefer a more traditional style of grandfather clock. Maybe you prefer wooden over a chrome finish. Maybe you like the look of an ornate clock face, than a simplistic one. Well you’re in luck! Howard Miller also makes the Neilson grandfather clock. Finished in rustic cherry wood, this beauty features a carved shell framed by stepped swan neck pediment moldings with brushed nickel ornaments, pendulum, and banded weight shells. You can even get the nameplate engraved with your name and special date for free!

Howard Miller clocks are made with love, in the U.S.A. Attention to detail and sophistication is a calling card of the company. A grandfather clock, whatever design it may be, is considered an antique by modern standards. This grandfather clock in particular is one for the ages with a modern touch, and it is perfect for the decor of the modern, contemporary home.