garden_tools_on_wirerackGardening is an art of planting or cultivating different types of plants. Someone may take it as a profession, someone as a hobby, or someone for therapeutic reasons. But all of them need the gardening accessories. There are varieties of tools and accessories are available in the market for both the professional gardener and the gardener who takes it as a hobby.

Some important gardening accessories are gloves, spading forks, hand forks, hand trowels,watering can, shovels, rakes, hoes, spades etc. All these tools have some particular usages. A pair of gloves can protect anyone’s hands from uncertain accidents like cuts or abrasions. Special gloves like plastic or waterproof coating gloves are used to keep hands dry while working in damp soil. Spades and shovels are used to dig and shovel soils and compost of the garden. Normal spading forks are usually long handed and these are used for digging soils in areas where spades are difficult to use. Hand forks are the small version of spading forks and used on smaller areas. Hand trowels are very handy tools for planting small herbs and vegetables, digging out weeds and mixing small amount of soils with fertilizers. Rakes are long handled tools; normally used in seed beds to level it out.

At present time, varieties of brands are available in the market for gardening tools and accessories. Some of the most popular brands are Broll, Burgon & Ball, DeWit, Felco, Fiskars, Garden Works and Gerber. Normally for a specific tool there is no big difference in the prices from different brands. The prices of the normal small gardening tools are generally ranging $10 to $40. For large tools or for special tools it may be rises up to $80.