You can use these garden hand tools during spring or fall to make holes in your lawn. When you aerate, the soil breaks up, and air, water, and nutrients enter the soil easily. If you have a small garden buy hand powered aerators, but for a large landscape you would need gas powered tools for gardening.

One of the essential tools that everyone should have is a good sturdy hand trowel. These little gems are perfect for planting annuals, perennials and bulbs. Heck, they actually have a hundred or more uses when you stop and think about it. When you start shopping for garden tools, look for a hand trowel that is made from forged stainless steel and is made all in one piece. Also be sure the grip is comfortable to your hand so that you’ll actually use the tool. Try and avoid ones that look or feel a tad flimsy. Spend the few extra bucks and buy quality tools that you’ll only have to buy once.

Several basic garden hand tools comprise of digging or excavating tools for instance hand trowels, shovels hoes, and some picks. Aerating tools, for example claw-like cultivators, are necessary for flouting up hard bumps of soil. Weeding tools are essential for the protection and conservation of your mounting garden, and versatile knives are really great to have readily available for cutting all the way through sturdy weed or plant roots.

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