garden gnome costume girl For those who are fond of Garden Gnome Costume Girl, they like to think of dressing up as one for Halloween. However, the inability to sew one’s costume is a problem and some are left with what is available in the stores and on the internet. With tedious research, it turns out that there are a lot of places to get gnome costumes. It is not as popular as getting all these other costumes, but then hope is not gone. The idea of getting a gnome costume is just unique. It’s cool to know that you have come up with an original idea for Halloween. You can also search online for a few do-it-yourself costumes if you are capable of such handiwork.

Similarly, the “Traveling Gnome” so familiar to us all was inspired by the prank of taking a gnome from an unsuspecting home, passing it around among friends, then eventually getting it back to the owner with pictures of it and its many adventures. Many images of this can be found in a simple Google image search. Fortunately, these gnomes often return safely to their respective homes where they once again take up the mantle of protecting and nurturing the garden. Like the “Where’s George?” game in which a dollar bill is stamped with a website and people who receive it are asked to report where they came into contact with it, “traveling gnome” kits are available for purchase online. This is a legal way to see how far around the world your own gnome can make it.