Do you need a screened in patio to keep the mosquito’s out? This method is surely effective and it looks nice too, but it will be some hard work to make it happen and you could always buy a cheap Umbrella Mosquito Net Canopy Patio Set. But if you up to the task read on.

To build your mosquito screen patio measure and cut the strips of wood to the correct length for each frame then miter the corners and staple the strips together at the corners making a square or rectangular frame. As you would a picture frame. Always remember measure twice cut once. To make sure your frame is square, measure from corner across the centre to the opposite corner, then do the same across from the remaining corners. The measurements should be the same. Take one pre-measured piece of Dowling and wrap the screen around it once, staple it to the Dowling. Now tack the Dowling in place on the inside of one double strip of the frame. Unroll the mosquito screen material to about half an inch all around more than the inside of the frame.

Now, this could be the tricky part. You have to stretch the screen taught by wrapping it tightly around the Dowling, stapling it securely in place before nailing the Dowling inside the frame. The Dowling for the top and the bottom of the screen should be ¼ inch shorter than that on the sides, this is to allow it to slip firmly between the two side rods. Roll the screen around the top and bottom Dowling, staple in place making sure the screen remains taught. Here you can decide if you want your cross braces to be horizontal or diagonal. A cross like and X is usually more stable. One on each side of the screen attached tightly to the inside corners of the frame. You should end up with a square or rectangular screened in frame with an X cross brace. This of course is an option. An alternative to rolling the screen around the Dowling is to place the screen between the two layers of frame, stapling it to the inside of one layer of frame, making sure you keep it taught, stretching it and stapling it all around. Tacking the second section of wood frame over the top. Your screen should now be secure and taught between the two layers of wood. Assemble the mosquito screen door in the same manner and size you require.

funny mosquito cartoon

Now people were cutting and running for the patio doors. One genius grabbed a water hose and turned on the outside spigot. I guess he thought he could fight a pond full of mosquitoes with a water hose. What he managed to do was wet down four or five of the guests who ran in front of the spray, waving their arms like lunatics in an insane asylum fire drill.

The three or four bravely polite women who had kept their composure through all of this finally panicked when a bat swooped down to feed on the mosquitoes. They tripped and stumbled their way over the upturned chairs and water cannon lunatic on their way to the house. In the end, my best friend and his new bride said I do in the living room while twenty crowded people with pink calamine lotion dots looked on and smiled.