Feng Shui

The phrase “Feng Shui” is a combination of two Chinese words:“Feng” that means “air” and shui that means “water”. Adding Feng shui to your bedroom design can create balance between the two vital elements of life, resulting in better psychological health. You can boost your feelings of romance, love and affection by giving your bedroom a “Feng Shui” touch. To learn more about decorating ideas for romantic bedroom, read here.

  1. Reduce Clutter. Your bedroom must be designed to promote sleep and to enhance personal relationship with your partner. Anything irrelevant to sleep and comfort can be removed from your bedroom to reduce clutter and to make it look simple. Feng Shui is all about balance and organization, so create a proper balance in your room with everything organized. Make sure to keep your room clean and neat.Feng Shui 2
  2. Design to Promote Rest. Make your bed a place of rest by placing a king size bed with comfortable comforters, pillows and mattress. Use soft linens that can add to comfort level of your bed. The size of your bed must make it comfortable for you to move.
  3. Create a Connection with Your Loved one. Make sure to use decoration items and other furniture in pair to make a connection with your love one. Two lamps, two side tables and two similar art works on the wall are few examples.
  4. Add Water Features. Adding few water features can keep you relax while in your bedroom. It can look very attractive and has very pleasant effect on your psychological health.  
  5. Less Electronics. Remove the modern world from your bedroom. It should be your escape from busy outside life to a place of relaxation. No TV, computer or any other electronic item can make you concentrate more on your relationship with your partner.