Windows provide an important role in characterizing homes and creating a unique ambience.  When planning window dressings, lighting requirements and privacy should be considered. Curtains and blinds can spice up a room and add a much-needed splash of color.  Adding a few scatter cushions with matching fabric will bring the room together. Neutral coloured curtains, such as cream, will tone down a busy room.  A room that ‘feels’ cold or unwelcoming can be remedied by dressing the windows with warm coloured curtains such as purples, reds, and oranges.

Carefully chosen window dressings can provide balance to a room. Low ceilings or wide windows can be offset with curtains that reach to the floor. Vertical lined patterns on the curtain fabric will also provide the appearance of height.  When choosing curtains, allow for a luxurious ‘gather’ in the fabric. Curtains with lining will protect the fabric from becoming sun-bleached. They will also hang better and retain heat during cold spells.blinds

Valances are ideal for hanging above large windows that would otherwise appear stark during the daytime.  Tiebacks provide a practical method to keep a curtain neatly in position when open – and they add elegance to the overall look of the room too!

Blinds are extremely versatile and easy to hang. They can also be used in conjunction with fabric curtains.  They provide both privacy and light to a room, while maintaining a clean crisp look. There are a fantastic variety of blinds available, which include Venetian, Roman, and Austrian. These are ideal for sloping loft windows, bathrooms and kitchens too!

Although net curtains are often shunned, they shouldn’t be ruled out. Where privacy is an issue, such as a ground floor flat, then net curtains might be the ideal solution. Ranging from Victorian English to ultra-modern styles, they can fit in with the theme of any home!