A studio apartment is sometimes known as an “efficiency apartment.” Usually this type of apartment has just one large room, used for eating, living and sleeping, and a bathroom. Efficiently dividing the large room of your studio apartment into smaller portions not only separates it into smaller, special areas which makes it seem bigger, but it helps keep up privacy for you and your housemates. Here are some tips that can help you design your apartment.

studio apartment

Use of Furniture. Any tall piece of furniture, like a book case with a closed back, can be used to divide the separate areas of your studio apartment. I remember using an armoire with shelves as a divider for my first apartment. On the blank side, I put up cork squares for a place to pin homework and notes.

Use Curtains or Folding Screens. Another great way to create divisions is to use curtains and/or folding screens. Installing a track on the ceiling can even give you the power to determine exactly where the curtain comes into place. Fabric panels or blinds can also be used, depending on the height of your apartment. Using curtains like this still gives you the power to open them back up to one large room again, if the mood strikes you. Do some shopping around at thrift stores to try to save some big bucks!

wall color

Use of Different Colors. If you want to distinguish sleeping, living and dining areas, you can paint different colors in each area. Although, if that is against your apartments’ policies, try hanging up posters or paintings. Another good alternative is to buy rugs of different colors.

Decoration. Another good way to divide your apartment into small portions is efficient placing of furniture. You can divide your apartment based on your passions by placing furniture and accessories in a way to create a different theme for each area.

Group Your Furniture. Move your furniture away from the walls and group it to the center, around a TV, or any other center point of your apartment. Create walking space along the walls. It will make your apartment look more spacious!