It can get quite hard to maintain a clean house on a daily basis, but having a excellent vacuum cleaner can save a lot of time and energy. As time goes by, technology gets advanced and devices get smaller and still have the performance of their bigger predecessors. People nowadays are purchasing an appliance that is multi functional, so that they get more for their money.

Dirt Devil has been in the vacuum business since 1937, and their technology gets better each year. The Quick-Flip Scorpion model is one of their best, most recent innovations.  It’s extremely light weight at 3.75 pounds, and its compact design and ergonomic handle allows it to be easily carried anywhere around the house. It makes it really convenient for all age groups, especially for those who find it difficult to manipulate large and heavy vacuum cleaners around their houses. The 16 foot power cord lets you clean a large room easily with unlimited runtime, and the unique bag-less dirt disposal attachment lets you dump the dirt right into the trashcan, which eliminates unsanitary contact.scorpion_flipping The quick-flip crevice tool can easily reach all of the corners of your home. You flip it open to engage the slim tool which fits into couch cushions, window sills, and other tight spaces. Its 7 amp motor is more than enough power for a home full of dirt and mess. If you are looking for a powerful compact vacuum cleaner, then the Dirt Devil Scorpion Quick Flip Hand Vacuum is your ideal lightweight tool that can easily reach all of those hard-to-reach tight spaces.


Getting a lightweight vacuum cleaner is not only cheaper but also saves more energy than the upright ones. You’re not only reducing your electricity costs, but you’re also doing yourself a favor! Check out the Dirt Devil Scorpion Quick Flip Hand Vacuum on