When designing a playroom for preschoolers, make sure that the newly designed space is equipped with all the necessary tools and adequate design to boost learning of your children. There is one basic rule for designing a great playroom, divide the space into multiple areas to enhance alls skills along with learning and playing. The playroom must encourage activity and physical movement that can help in physical and psychological health of children.

  1. Divide the playroom. You can use a tape on the floor or any other colored ribbon for the division. If you have enough space in the room, divide the space into a reading area (library), a dramatic play area, and gross and fine motor-sensory areas. Dividing your play area into different parts related to different skills of a child ensure development of all skills at the same time. playroom2_educationalYou can also use different colors for separating each area from the other.
  2. Dramatic Play Area. Why do we need such space? Design this area accordingly as this space will develop social skills in children along with practicing verbal communication and learning importance of body language. A small set of tables and chairs, a set of kitchen, a doctor kit, dolls and a crib can be placed in this area. Make sure to fill the space with representational and realistic toys that relate to real life.
  3. Literacy Area. This space is designed to enhance reading and writing skills of the children. Make sure to allocate a quite space for developing a library. Literacy skills also include skills like matching objects and holding things properly. Make sure to place age appropriate books for the children especially with big pictures and diagrams. Make sure to arrange a comfortable seating for your child as comfort can help in focusing.
  4. Motor-Sensory Areas. Design this area to enhance processing of senses and motor skills of a child. You can equip this area with puzzles, toys that can be assembled, and stacking toys. For motor skills, you can place a small slide, rolling toys and beanbag tosses.