tree house


The following are the basic ideas you must keep in mind while designing a Tree House. If you want specifics please click HERE.

Yes, building a tree house looks like a very difficult task but if you have a do-it-yourself approach, you can easily design and build a tree house on your own by following few simple steps. Building or designing a tree house on your own is not only challenging, but it is also fun and an opportunity to work together with your children. You may find the end result surprising once you decide about designing a tree house on your own. You may need to spend one day in designing a tree house, but it can become a place for your kids to spend time for many coming years.

  1. Select a Tree. The first step is to find a good tree that provides enough support to design a well structured tree house.
  2.  Measure. Before climbing up for measurement, take some pictures of the tree you choose to build a tree house. Climb up and take detailed measurements especially the distance between branches. Make sure to move around on the tree to find the strongest branches for the support of a tree house. Once you select the branches, take some more pictures.
  3. Do Analysis. Do some analysis about the number of children who may be using the tree house. Their size, weight and height so that you can plan accordingly.
  4. Plan and Execute. Make sure to expand your tree house to multiple strong braches to distribute weight evenly. Create a blueprint by drawing the map of the tree house on a paper. Decide about the type of ladder you want to use and the point where you want to use a window or open space in your tree house. Create a list of requirements and finally, execute your plan.