Are you planning to decorate or design an interior for a small bedroom? Do you find it confusing to make it functional,
yet an attractive bedroom at the same time? Our tips and decorating ideas about designing a small bedroom can help you not only decorate a functional bedroom, but you can also make it look attractive and spacious. A bedroom must have a bed, a desk to work or read, and storage for your clothing and other belongings. Planning, designing and decorating all of the furniture properly, can make it functional and unique. So how do you do it when you don’t have much space in your bedroom?

It’s All about Color

You need to use color theme for your bedroom wisely. A dark color will make your bedroom look even smaller. Try to use light colors, as they can make it look spacious. Keep the ceiling white, and consider painting the trim and moldings an even lighter color than the walls.

Mirrors are for Small Rooms

You can trick the mind into “seeing” more space than what is really there by placing mirror adjacent to windows so that it reflects the outdoor view. Use large mirrors or mirrored closet doors. Not only does it add to the rooms functionality, but it also gives the room more spunk. You can find many different mirrors with personality, like these cute butterfly mirrors or this 12 inch Octagon mirror. Or you can recycle an old window and spray it with this increasingly popular spray paint to transform it into an awesome mirror. 1454866071_2e528588ab_o

Multi Purpose Furniture

Purchase furniture that can be used for multiple purposes. Some examples are a bed with drawers, a bed that can fold out to provide workspace. Using a loft bed is a good choice if designing for kid’s bedroom, as you can place many types of furniture underneath the top bunk. For more details on loft beds, read this article.

Leave the Floor Alone

Make sure to hang as much as you can to save the floor of the bedroom. Open shelving and lofted beds are good options. Just like the mirrors I mentioned above, there are all types of shelving to choose from. These intersecting shelves would go great with a bedroom with angular furniture and accessories. Also, using corner shelving is an excellent way to make use of the barren corners in the room. By doing this, the mind sees a clear floor and translates it into perceiving more space.

Create Proper Storage

The wardrobe must have adequate space to save your bedroom from becoming messy. Hang shelves, or use hideaway storage bins. For more ideas on getting the most out of the space under your bed DIY style, read our other article called Under the Bed Storage.